Nashaib by Abdullah Hussain

Nashaib by Abdullah Hussain

Nashaib by Abdullah Hussain Pdf Free Download

Nashaib novel authored by Abdullah Hussain. The name of Abdullah Hussain does not need any introduction in Urdu literature. His novel “Udaas Naslain” has won the admiration of readers across the Indian subcontinent and Pakistan. Abdullah Hussein has not only raised the flag of success in the field of novels but also is a prolific fiction writer.

The book “Nashaib” is the first collection of his two novelettes and five fiction. The peculiarity of this collection is that the four works of fiction included in it have been published, but there are two novelettes and one work of fiction that have not been published anywhere before. A novelette named Nasheeb should be considered the heart of this collection.

These two novelettes and five myths are like a wide-angle lens in which life emerges before us with extraordinary depth and breadth. The characters in these stories are hungry for love and empathy. They long for comfort that is beyond the reach of the average person. They want to somehow get out of the whirlpool of their loneliness and frustration and go to shore. All of them have seen a glimpse of a better and different life from time to time, and somewhere in their hearts, they feel that by reaching the crossroads, they have turned in the wrong direction and are still moving in the wrong direction.

Novelette’s “Nasheeb” is a commentary on such a tragedy. The two stories revolve around each other and evoke mutual meaning. Nashaib and the rest of this collection of fiction and novelettes are a milestone in Urdu fiction. Abdullah Hussein’s prose does justice to the subject matter. He has summed up life with all its sweetness and brutality in this book.

Urdu book “Nashaib” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our users. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf, and enjoy offline reading on your computer or smartphone.

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