Bachpan Ka December Novel by Hashim Nadeem

Bachpan Ka December Novel by Hashim Nadeem Pdf Free Download

Bachpan Ka December Novel by Hashim Nadeem PDF Free Download

Bachpan Ka December Novel authored by Hashim Nadeem. The novel Bachpan Ka December is a masterpiece of Hashim Nadeem, having a classical plot with discriminating characters. The abstract thought of the book covers the late 70s through a little boy’s point of view and then the late 80s through the same mature man’s thoughts, a journey from childhood’s December to the December of youth.

The book explains childhood innocent memories, followed by coming age experiences and feelings. Apart from its majestic writing and extraordinary choice of words for illustration, it also has a few appealing and beautiful lessons for our society. The book discusses parental control in childhood, family affairs and relationships with neighbours. The touches of sarcasm used in the novel are sharper, and the humour is more ridiculous. Hence, everything that needs to be felt is more penetrating.

Aadi, the novel’s main character, never knows that Wajjo, with whom he has great affection, turns into a romantic interest later in his life. While reading this novel, you will feel yourself in every sentence, reminding you of your childhood.

The feelings and expressions are communicated so that the reader can’t stop himself/herself from denying how innocently happy your childhood was and how adulthood can suddenly make your life different from the way it was supposed to be. The kind of relationship in which ‘Aadi’ and ‘Wajjo’ were tied together was too sacred to be replaced by any other bond.

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Urdu novel “Bachpan Ka December” is now available in the Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality PDF document for our visitors to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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