Bahao Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Bahao Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Bahao Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pdf Free Download

Bahao Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tarar is a novel that fascinates readers with its compelling exploration of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, blending facts and fiction in a magnificent spectacle of historical portrayal. Rather than being a historical tribute, the story resembles a philosophical work that expresses existential concerns.

This novel is a fantastical journey into the Bronze Age when the region was a cradle of civilization and thriving with culture, architecture, and commerce. The level of meticulousness Tarar invests in reviving the minutiae of this civilization is astounding, breathing life into characters, locales, and traditions that have long since been lost in the annals of history. The intricacies of maritime trade with Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, the architectural finesse of rainwater harvesting, and the cosmopolitan spirit of its denizens have been vividly described.

Yet, Tarar’s novel is not merely a historical record but a philosophical meditation. The narrative poses existential questions to its characters that reverberate profoundly within the reader. Paroshni and Warchan, the central figures, grapple with questions concerning their existence and societal norms. Their inquiries mirror the timeless philosophical dilemmas intrinsic to the human condition, making the narrative a poignant exploration of human nature. Tarar’s insightful take on the human mind and its inherent curiosity add a beautiful layer to historical fiction.

Moreover, Tarar masterfully weaves in the beginnings of the Indian philosophical school of thought, particularly the Aasthika (Hindu philosophy), along the shores of the river Sarasvati. This inclusion lends the narrative an intellectual depth, proving the book to be more than a captivating tale but also a treasure trove of cultural and philosophical insights.
Notably, Tarar’s depiction of civilizations extends beyond religious affiliations. This aspect of his novel is both enlightening and relevant, demonstrating that civilizations are cultural entities, not religious ones. His comments during an interview with Dawn beautifully encapsulate this belief, breaking through the conventional narratives of the origins of civilizations.

“Bahao” also encapsulates the complexities of human relationships and emotions in the love triangle of Paroshni, Warchan, and Soomro. Tarar’s ability to portray deep human emotions amidst the grandeur of an ancient civilization is truly commendable. Furthermore, the portrayal of Maman Masa, the wise character in society, symbolizes the quintessential wise old man, offering insights into the human psyche and societal dynamics.

Perhaps what strikes one most about “Bahao” is its authenticity. It feels less like fiction and more like a detailed report of an era that has long passed. The characters in “Bahao” are vividly etched, making it easy for readers to empathize with their dilemmas, dreams, and despair. This intimate connection with the characters elevates the reading experience, making it a deeply personal journey for each reader. The pain of witnessing the inevitable decay of an advanced civilization through the eyes of Paroshni is heart-wrenching, making the reader not only a passive observer but an active participant in the narrative.

Overall, “Bahao” is an extraordinary work of historical fiction presenting a comprehensive view of an ancient civilization and a philosophical exploration of the human condition. The meticulous detailing, the nuanced characters, and the existential undercurrent make “Bahao” a novel that leaves an indelible mark on the reader. It is a testament to Tarar’s literary prowess and extraordinary ability to bring the past to life while striking a deep chord with the human condition. This novel is not just a historical journey; it’s a philosophical adventure that challenges, provokes, and enthralls in equal measure.

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