Ratti Gali by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Ratti Gali Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Ratti Gali Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pdf Free Download

Ratti Gali Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar. Ratti Gali is more than just a travelogue; it is a captivating chronicle of a seasoned traveler’s soulful journeys and rich experiences, woven with a nostalgic ode to the sheer beauty and grandeur of the Kaghan Valley and Azad Kashmir. This book is a testament to the transformative power of travel and the enduring allure of nature, seen through the eyes of an adventurer who first stepped foot in Ratti Gali in the 1950s and returned after nearly half a century.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar chronicles his experiences over five decades in this profoundly evocative narrative, exploring the vivid imagery and poignant moments that captivated him in his two visits to Ratti Gali. He writes of his fascination with the emerald-green peaks of the mountains, creating a breathtaking panorama that comes alive on the pages. At its heart, “Ratti Gali Safarnama” is a story of fascination, obsession, and enduring connection with nature.

The book’s heart beats in the detailed and beautifully penned descriptions of the surreal landscapes – from the snowy lakes cradled in the lap of Ratti Gali mountains that serve as home to a vivid range of flamingoes to the enchanting nights in Naran under a star-lit sky. Tarar brings to life the serenity of Lake Saif-ul-Malook, enveloped in the soft glow of the moonlight, making it a living fairy tale for the readers.

His anecdotes of a quaint village on the outskirts of the meandering River Kunhar, where he would pause to catch trout fish, are shared with such warmth and detail that readers can almost feel the river’s cool breeze on their faces. The author’s vivid depiction of the golden sun rays seeping through the crystal clear waters of Lake LuluSar and the awe-inspiring beauty of Swan Lake transport readers to these mesmerizing places, painting a compelling and vibrant picture of the Kashmir landscape.

Tarar recounts his thrilling adventures of scaling mountains on horseback, evoking exhilaration as breathtaking as the panoramic views themselves. His tales are not just about scenic beauty but also explore the fascinating culture, heartwarming hospitality, and profound wisdom of the locals he encounters during his travels.

However, the heart of this riveting narrative lies in Tarar’s deep emotional bond with Ratti Gali Lake – an ethereal place that, in his own words, ‘looked like a miracle even after 5 decades.’ His words convey a profound sense of awe, love, and respect for this mesmerizing place that remains undiminished over the years.

“Ratti Gali” is a heartfelt tale of a man’s unwavering love for nature’s beauty and his unquenchable exploration spirit. You are observing these journeys and taking part in them as Tarar’s masterful storytelling takes you along. Throughout this book, readers will find inspiration, be captivated, and be awakened to a sense of wanderlust.

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