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Ambiya e Kiram Ki Umren

Ambiya e Kiram Ki Umren- Prophets Ages Ambiya e Kiram Ki Umren. Names and ages of some famous Prophets of Allah in Urdu and English. Name of the Prophet                                                  Age in Years Hazrat Muhammad(Salallah-o-Aleh-e-Wasallam)     63 Years Hazrat Adam (Aleh-e-salam)                                          1000 Years Hazrat Nooh (Aleh-e-salam)                                           950 Years Hazrat Shoaib (Aleh-e-salam)             […]

Durood Sharif Beautiful Collection Urdu Graphics

  Durood Sharif Beautiful Collection in Urdu Durood Sharif Beautiful Collection along with benefits in Urdu language. Beautiful and amazing collection of Durood-e-Pak (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), Arabic Urdu graphics. Remedy of all diseases and problems of this word and hereafter

Allahu Akbar Beautiful Graphic Designs

  Allahu Akbar Beautiful Graphic Designs for mobile phones on screen wallpapers and logos and MMS Most beautiful graphic designs of Allahu Akbar in different amazing colors. 6 outstanding and remarkable designs of Allahu Akbar the most beautiful name of Allah Ta,ala. Allahu Akbar logos , Allahu Akbar Images for MMS and mobile screen.