Da Pukhtano Tareekh by Qazi Attaullah

Da Pukhtano Tareekh by Qazi Attaullah

Da Pukhtano Tareekh by Qazi Attaullah Pdf Free Download

Da Pukhtano Tareekh book authored by Qazi Attaullah. This book contains complete history of the Pashtun nation in Pashto language. Qazi Ataullah’s History is the second most authoritative book on the history of the Pashtuns in the Pashto language, written by a Pashtun historian at a time when Pashtun culture, history and history were once again in the dark. The Pashtun nation, which had a pre-historic identity and a culture. Once again in the twentieth century, the Pathan nation has made the whole world feel their identity, their national characteristics, their name and their unconditional love for homeland.

Since in different periods of history the Pashtun nation and people have been expeditiously kept hidden from the eyes of the world and even if they were shown to the world, it was presented in a completely wrong image and color. There are many reasons for this act which are political, psychological, prejudiced and historical. The Pashtun nation has had a profound impact on world history, regional culture and civilization as they have a traditional history and culture. However, due to many political interests, there have been vicious attempts to hide the true character of this nation from the eyes of history and it continues even today.

According to a tradition, this heinous act was first committed by the Mughal rulers of India. The Mughal emperors wrote such histories of the Pashtuns, through their so-called Darbari historians, that the honorable, brave and noble nation were less visible to the subjugated people of India. This was a political ploy because the light of Islam was spread in India by the Pashtuns and it was the Pathans who made India the cradle of Islamic civilization and the Pashtun influence on the general civilization.

Due to their personality, mental abilities and even many social and reforming works, a special image of Pashtuns had formed in the minds of the people of India. The Indians considered the Pashtuns to be the real, capable and natural rulers for kingship Due to the broad-minded and non-biased role of Pashtun kings in religious and political matters.

When the Mughals snatched the government of India from the Pashtuns, they wrote legendary histories about the original lineage of the Pashtuns from their court historians to erase the Pashtun image from the minds of the people. So that the people of India, who have a very serious, natural and psychological attitude towards caste, may have doubts in their minds about the true ethnicity of the Pashtuns. When such histories began to be written, the real Pashtuns began their own investigation into the actual ethnicity of the Pashtuns in order to write the answer these fake histories. Khan Jahan Lodhi, a traditional Pashtun Amir of the Mughal Darbar, patronized and encouraged the work of writing true history to alleviate the narrow-mindedness and disrespect of the Mughals.

Nematullah Harawi’s History book “Makhzan-e-Afghani” is the best answer to the distortion of the history of the Pashtuns. Hayat-e-Afghani and Tawareekh Khurshid Jahan is also important for Pashtun history, but “Mkhzan-e-Afghani” has long been a source for historians.

The Pashtun nation has often lived in darkness or been forced to live in darkness because of the tragedies of history. Due to the lack of literacy, education and educational work in Pashtun society, most of the histories works are written in Persian. Since Persian is not the mother language of Pashtuns, so it was very difficult to understand and comprehend Persian. For this reason, Afzal Khattak, Khushal Khan’s grandson, as a result of his grandfather’s movement, wrote the history of Pashtuns in Pashto language at a time when Persian was the official language as well as the source of education. Afzal Khattak himself was associated with the Mughal Darbar, but he loved his family traditions more than anything else.

There was a time when not only Afzal Khattak’s ” Tareekh-e-Murassa ” but also all traces of the Pashtun movement disappeared and the history of the Pashtuns was once again plunged into darkness due to their own lack of knowledge.  During this period, the Pashtuns were favored by the Orientalists who opened new doors of research and did excellent research on the history of the Pashtuns, but they were not the people of this land. They could not analyze historical events and situations like any Pashtun living here.

Qazi Ataullah wrote the “Da Pukhtano Tareekh” as a historical necessity. Although this history was written at a time when history did not have the status of science and history was not considered an art. It was necessary to write history in Pashto for the correctness and accuracy of the art found in Mughals or other histories. But it is also a fact that history was an important source of knowledge even in those days.

Qazi Ataullah who was a great scholar, historian, national fighter and a fearless and important Mujahid of the freedom movement. He was one of the active leaders Bacha Khan‘s Khudai Khidmatgar movement. He carried out this important historical and research work in spite of very unfavorable conditions.  Qazi Ataullah’s aim is to present a true and clear picture of the history and historical character of the Pashtuns, in which the sovereignty and government of the Pashtuns and their glory are described in detail.

Historians have not yet reached a final decision on the true ethnicity of the Pashtuns. Different historians have different views. Qazi Ataullah is a supporter of the Bani Israel view of the origin of the Pashtuns. And even after the late Qazi Sahib, historians have followed the same view. This history of the late Qazi Ataullah is an important document and has the status of an authentic and valuable document on the history and culture of the Pashtuns.

Pashto history book “Da Pukhtano Tareekh” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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