Tazkira Pathano Ki Asliyat Aur Unki Tareekh by Khan Roshan Khan

Tazkira Pathano Ki Asliyat Aur Unki Tareekh by Khan Roshan Khan Pdf Free Download

Tazkira Pathano Ki Asliyat Aur Unki Tareekh

Tazkira Pathano Ki Asliyat Aur Unki Tareekh by Khan Roshan Khan Pdf Free Download
Tazkira 4th Edition by Khan Roshan Khan. Tazkir (Pathano Ki Asliat aur Unki Tareek) is another most popular and important research work on the history of Pathan tribes in Urdu language. Tazkirah book discussed the race and the origin of the Pathan tribes in detail. Which is the main subject of this particular book.
Khan Roshan Khan (1914 – 1988) was a Pashtun historian, educationalist, politician and writer. Khan Roshan Khan was born in the village of Nawa Kalli, Swabi in 1915 and died on 19 November 1988. Roshan Khan was a major figure in contemporary Pashto literature. He is usually famous for his research work on the history of the Pashtun nation. Khan belongs to the group of researchers who claims that Pathans are Bani Israel. That is, the theory that the Pashtuns are descended from the biblical Israelites.
  Roshan Khan was an active member of the Khudai Khidmatgar movement. He was very energetic in the Pakistan independent movement and was the president of the Swabi Muslim League. 
He wrote several books on the history of Pathans nation. These books are:

  • Tazkira, Pathanon Ki Asliat Aur Unki Tareek, which describes the races and origins of Pashtun tribes.
  • Yousafzai qaum ki Sarguzasht, which provides details on the various Pashtun tribes.
  • Afghano ki Nasli Ttarikh, which describes the origin of Afghans (Pashtuns) from Bani Israel.
  • Malika-Sawat
  • Baba-e-qaum Sheikhmali (RA).

His most important work is Tawarikh-e-Hafiz Rehmat Khani, which includes the details about the biographies of prominent Pathan leaders and elders like Hafiz Rehmat Khan, Hafiz Abdulsamad Alpuri, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Sardar Mohammad Khan and Dost Muhammad Khan etc. It also highlights the important events and battles of Pashtun tribes with other empires and tribes. Moreover, all the family trees of Pashtun tribes are also discussed in this book.

Tazkira, Pathano Ki Asliyat Aur Unki Tarikh book is now available on Pakistan virtual library for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format for offline reading and references.

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