Devi Novel Eighth Edition by Abdul Qayyum Shad

Devi Novel Eighth Edition by Abdul Qayyum Shad PDF Free Download

Devi Novel Eighth Edition by Abdul Qayyum Shad PDF Free Download

Devi Novel Eighth Edition by Abdul Qayyum Shad. Devi” is the life story of Phoolan Devi, the famous dacoit queen. The novel tells her story from becoming a dacoit to her arrest, what crimes she committed, how she cheated the law, and how many people she killed. Finally, when crimes and atrocities escalated, the law caught up. At the time of her release from prison, Phoolan Devi had said in one of her statements that people think she is a bandit, but she is not a bandit, and she was not born to a bandit. So, the circumstances forced him into this fire and made him a bandit.

How far is the truth in Phoolan Devi’s statement? Wasn’t she really a bandit? You will understand this fact only after reading this story. This story is encouraging for oppressed women on the one hand and reprimanding for the Indian police, politicians, and rulers on the other hand. In 1994, Phoolan Devi became a member of the Lok Sabha. After facing defeat in 1998, she became a Member of Parliament again the next year. How did the robber reach the assembly? This is a separate discussion, which is not the subject of this novel. This book tells not one but many stories of his past.

In 1985, this novel was published in installments in “Akhbar Jahan,” and then in 1990, “Akhbar Jahan Publications” published it in book form. Seven editions of this exciting novel have been published so far, and twelve and a half thousand copies have been sold, but the demand for it has remained the same, so the eighth edition has been published in the number of three thousand. Abdul Qayyum Shad wrote this novel with great effort. Unfortunately, he is no longer in this world; However, this novel is one of his memories.

Urdu novel “Devi” is now available in a high-quality PDF document at the Pakistan Virtual Library for our visitors to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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