Ghazi Abdur Rahman Shaheed Peshawari by Abu Salman Shahjahanpuri

Ghazi Abdur Rahman Shaheed Peshawari by Abu Salman Shahjahanpuri

Ghazi Abdur Rahman Shaheed Peshawari by Abu Salman Shahjahanpuri Pdf Free Download

Ghazi Abdur Rahman Shaheed Peshawari authored by Abu Salman Shahjahanpuri. This book contains complete history and biography of Abdur Rahman Peshawari (1886–1925) in Urdu language. Abdur Rahman was a Turkish soldier, journalist and diplomat who was born in Peshawar Pakistan in 1886.

He was Born in a wealthy Kashmiri Pashtun heritage family, he completed his early education in Peshawar and attended the prestigious Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh. As a Muslim nationalist, Abdur Rehman left his education and visit to Turkey in 1912 among a group of volunteer medics from British India to aid Ottoman forces during the Balkan War. After the end of the war, he chose to stay in Turkey and joined the Ottoman Army. He has earned a distinguished military career participating in the First World War and later as a revolutionary in the Turkish War of Independence. He also briefly worked as a journalist for Anadolu Agency. In 1920, he was appointed as Turkey’s first envoy to Afghanistan under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, where he served for two years.

In 1925, he was killed in an assassination attempt in Istanbul which is believed to be a case of mistaken identity. He remained hospitalized for a month but succumbed to his injuries, dying at the age of 39 or 40. His death was mourned in Turkey, British India and Afghanistan. Peshawari’s assassination is supposed to have been a case of mistaken identity; Rauf Orbay, the politician and naval commander who served as Turkey’s first prime minister after the independence war, who was the actual intended target of the Armenian shooter.

In 1979, Peshawari’s younger brother, Muhammad Yusuf, published a book called Ghazi Abdur Rehman Peshawari Shaheed, chronicling the elder brother’s life. The younger brother had collected materials documenting the elder brother’s life over a number of years. He had originally requested Sir Abdul Qadir to author the book, who gave the project to his student Hafeez Hoshiarpuri. Hoshiarpuri completed a partial manuscript, before passing the task to Abu Salman Shahjahanpuri who finally completed the book.

During a state visit to Pakistan in 2016, Turkish president Rajab Tayyap Erdogan publicly acknowledged Peshawari’s legacy and services to his adopted nation during a speech to a joint session of the Pakistani parliament. He highlighted him as one of many notable figures featuring in the historically close relationship between modern Pakistan and Turkey.

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