Hunza Dastaan by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Hunza Dastaan Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Hunza Dastaan Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pdf Free Download

Hunza Dastaan Safarnama by Mustansar Hussain Tarar. Hunza Dastaan is a Soulful Journey into the Heart of Heaven on Earth”. This intriguing travel story is more than just a collection of observations; it is an honest look at the astounding grandeur, ethereal allure, and ageless simplicity of Gilgit Baltistan, one of Pakistan’s most breathtaking locales.

Tarar’s well-written book transports you to Hunza’s stunning scenery. He brings to life the colorful town of Karimabad, the stately Altit Fort, and the delicious apples and apricots that represent Hunza. The area’s reputation as a paradise on earth is primarily owing to his vivid descriptions of the tranquil Hunza River, the majestic Passu peak, the green Gojal valley, and the Rakaposhi mountain’s sparkling ice wall.

Tarar creates a vivid picture of the area’s natural splendor in his writing, making readers long for the breathtaking sights and sounds of Hunza. His enthusiasm for the area is contagious and effectively satisfies his readers’ desire, enticing them to visit Hunza and experience its majesty, tranquility, and rustic appeal for themselves.

However, “Hunza Dastaan” is more than just a tribute to the area’s breathtaking scenery. In addition, Tarar provides a singular perspective on Gilgit’s wild beauty and agelessness—a area that has managed to hold onto its unspoiled splendor in the face of contemporary turbulence. Through a captivating narrative, Tarar portrays the isolated, remote, and melancholic charm of Gilgit. This civilization has stood the test of time, retaining its essence, undisturbed by the hue and noise of modernity.

His description of Gilgit is one of profound peace—a place where the winds still carry the divine purity they were endowed with at the dawn of creation, free from the taints of human and industrial pollution. Gilgit, for Tarar, is a silent sanctuary where the soft murmurs of the river and the rustling winds in the gardens are the only disturbances in its otherwise serene ambience.

The book’s climax is a memorable vacation at a caravan inn on the Hunza road. Here, amid apple trees and cascading waterfalls, the air carries a unique fragrance—an amalgamation of ripe apples, misty waters, and a hint of coolness from the shade of the trees—a testament to the perfect harmony between man and nature that is characteristic of Hunza.

“Hunza Dastaan” is a personal account that deftly combines history, culture, travel, and a deep love of the outdoors. A glimpse of the sublime and a gentle reminder of the enchantment that happens when we take the time to slow down and fully immerse ourselves in the glories of the world around us can be caught in this evocative representation of a location where time appears to have stopped. Take a pleasant journey with Mustansar Hussain Tarar and let the peace and beauty of Hunza the heaven on earth to touch your spirit.

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