Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai by Dale Carnegie

Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai by Dale Carnegie

Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai by Dale Carnegie Pdf Free Download

Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai is Dale Carnegie’s book translated into Urdu by Kamal Ahmad Rizvi. This book teaches good manners and civility. In this book, Dale Carnegie discusses the principles and methods by which good morals can be developed. If we know the way and principles of living, so we can live a successful and dignified life. The world will be in our footsteps, people will respect us and they will be happy to spend time with us.

This book discusses such principles by which a high level of morality can be attained and we can rule over the hearts of the people. Therefore, it is a practical book that teaches the rules and regulations of living a successful life. These rules and regulations are not theoretical or imaginary, but have amazing effects and work like magic.

Whether it’s business issues or family issues, every issue can be easily resolved through these rules. This book helps to develop and extend unused secret abilities that you don’t know how to use. It teaches you the art of harnessing these hidden abilities and powers and awakens the power of action within you which will create a passion in you for doing something.

Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai book will help you in 12 ways:

  1. Your rusty mind will get new light, new thoughts, new ideas, and new intentions will be stirred in your mind.
  2. People will become your friends easily and quickly.
  3. Your popularity will increase day by day.
  4. You will find it easy to make people your peers.
  5. You will have the ability to get people to work for you. It will increase your influence and your reputation.
  6. You will become attractive to your old and new buyers.
  7. Your revenue will increase.
  8. You will become a better shopkeeper and administrator than ever before.
  9. You will not have any difficulty in dealing with complaints, avoiding argumentation, and maintaining pleasant and smooth relations with people.
  10. You will be helped to become a better speaker and more people will be interested in your conversation.
  11. The principles of psychology will be easier to apply in everyday life.
  12. You will create new enthusiasm and new ambitions in your peers.

Urdu book “Meethe Bol Mein Jadu Hai” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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