Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Shuru Kijiye by Dale Carnegie

Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Shuru Kijiye by Dale Carnegie

Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Shuru Kijiye by Dale Carnegie Pdf Free Download

Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Shuru Kijiye is the Urdu translation of Dale Carnegie’s book  “How To Stop Worrying and Start Living”. Translated by Shahid Hameed and Published by Azad Book Depo, Delhi in 1982.

This book describes the realities of life that occur to everyone daily. In it, the author describes in words his experience of human psychology. It states that if a person recognizes his abilities, he will not have to stumble over and over again in life.

The author says that one’s own ability and the tendency of nature cannot be ignored but one has to adopt it and be steadfast in it. I think this book can be considered the best book for living a better life, in which the author guarantees that life can be better if these methods are followed.

This book will help you in 16 ways:

  1. It offers you several practical and proven principles by which you can solve your problems and worries.
  2. This book gives you tips on how to reduce your business worries instantly by up to 50%.
  3. This book outlines seven ways to help you adopt such a mental attitude that will give you peace and comfort.
  4. It gives you tips and tricks to get rid of financial problems.
  5. It explains a law that can help you get rid of many of your worries and anxieties.
  6. It teaches you how to benefit from criticism.
  7. It presents principles and methods by which housewives can be protected from fatigue and lethargy and maintain their health and youth.
  8. It helps you to have four practical habits that will help you to get rid of fatigue, anxiety, and grief.
  9. This book explains a way you can extend one hour a day to your business working hours.
  10. This book will tell you how to keep your personal balance from getting distracted.
  11. The book tells the stories of dozens of men and women from everyday life who tell their own stories about how they overcame their worries and anxieties and started life anew.
  12. This book prescribes the prescription of Dr. Alfred Adler, a well-known practical psychologist, who can cure Melancholic depression within 14 days.
  13. It features twenty-one words from the famous physician Sir William Oscar, which are extremely helpful in relieving anxiety and grief.
  14. Here are three basic magical principles of the famous American engineer Willis Haviland Carrier, the founder and promoter of the air conditioning industry, through which he overcomes his worries and anxieties.
  15. This book describes the method of “the only cure for all sorrows” by William James, the founder of practical psychology and a famous American philosopher.
  16. This book tells you how the powerful and famous people of history got rid of their worries and anxieties.

Urdu book “Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Shuru Kijiye” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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