Practice of Medicine Urdu By Dr Daulat Singh

Practice of Medicine Urdu By Dr Daulat Singh

Practice of Medicine Urdu By Dr Daulat Singh Pdf Free Download

Practice of Medicine Urdu Authored By Dr Daulat Singh. The prime aim in writing this book is to meet the requirements of homeopathic medical students and practitioners. Idea is to provide a basic and comprehensive approach to the treatment planning, which one must adapt in the very beginning of a given clinical situation, and follow judiciously in a realistic manner keeping in touch with the current medical practice, and to follow standard medical therapy in a rational and clear pattern. Selective stress has been given to those diseases which are common to this country and are incorporated in the present book. The choice of drugs is an open one.

The book included those drugs which by and large are standard drugs and are being traditionally used by masters of the prescribing art. Alternative methods of treatment have been mentioned only when they are needed. The therapeutic part has drugs which is based on the clinical situation and their particular therapeutic necessity.

The practice of medicine has long been well-known in the field of homeopathy. The usefulness of this book cannot be denied because there must be some secret behind its popularity. This book is a very long book based on diseases and their treatment. It covers almost all human diseases. The book consists of two chapters and twenty chapters. First we talk about the use of homeopathic medicine and then how it is made. The book describes in detail the specific diseases of men and women, from all types of fevers. Then there is talk of pregnancy diseases, maternal diseases, head and brain diseases. Diseases of the ear, nose, respiration, heart, etc. have been discussed.

It is to be understood that being a homeopath you are not entitled to prescribe the Allopathic drugs. In such situations the patient must be referred to the concerned specialist. The reference range of Serological investigations may vary according to the laboratory method adopted. As such these need to be referred from current methods adopted by the respective laboratory.

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