Rad e Rawafiz Urdu By Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi

Rad e Rawafiz Urdu By Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi Pdf Free Download

Rad e Rawafiz Urdu By Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi Pdf Free Download

Rad-e-Rawafiz Urdu authored by Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi. This book “Radd-i-Rawafiz” is apparent1y Sirhindi’s earliest work. It was compi1ed during Akbar1s reign, before Sirhindi’s initiation into the Naqshbandi order and considered the first manifestation of his Sunni fervour.

Sirhindi’s concern was the rising number and influence of Shiahs in the Mughal administration. His work Radd-e-Rawafiz is marked by an exceptionally vigorous denunciation of Shiah and its role in Islamic religious history. Sirhindi explains that his decision to write a refutation of Shiah doctrine was prompted by the prophetic tradition demanding that the learned refute heretical ideas whenever they appear. He decided to fulfill this duty when he observed that ‘some followers of Shiah who frequented in these regions boasted and were proud of fundamental principals of   Shiah faith and spread these fallacies in the councils of the princes and the kings.

The most important passages of the Epistle are in which Sirhindi declares that Shiahs must be declared infidels, and quotes w Pith approval a legal opinion issued by a group of Transoxanian Ulema who ruled: “Since the Shiahs permit cursing Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and one of the chaste wives (of prophet ), which in itself constitutes infidelity, it is incumbent upon the Muslim ruler, nay upon all people, in compliance with the command of the Omniscient King, to kill them and to oppress them in order to elevate the true religion. It is permissible to destroy their buildings and to seize their property and belongings.

Sirhindi’s success in becoming a champion and leader of Muslim orthodoxy is mainly due to his strongly worded letters circulated among his rapidly increasing disciples. A collection of all together 534 of his letters was compiled into a three volume work called Maktubat-i imam-i Rabbani. A wealth of information about the thoughts of Sirhindi and the debate that was raging on in the circles of Muslim orthodoxy during Akbar’s time is reflected in it.

Sirhindi’s first book “Rad e Rawazif is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high qulaity Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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