Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Sans Sakin Thi Novel author by Nimra Ahmed. The novel “Sans Sakin Thi” is not of the quality that can be expected from Nimra Ahmed. There is no clear plot of the story, and I am not sure yet whether it is about cricket or revenge or it is the story of Almas. However, this story provides a lot about the Pakistan Cricket Board and covers all the politics and corruption that is done behind the scenes to select the players and captains.

I still don’t understand the main message of the story. All the characters in the story are weak. Not a single character succeeds in making an impact. Only the debate over the PCB’s cricket policies was positive. In Sans Sakin Thi novel, nepotism, politics, and looting in cricket boards are well highlighted. Overall an average story with a delicate plot and a meaningless ending.

I have mixed feelings about this book, however, at some point, I found the story a bit unrealistic and dragging others out. Looking at the young age of the author, we can say that she has done a great job. My favorite aspect of the book is the story of Prophet Suleman, a.s. This is one of Nimra Ahmed’s first works. I’m glad Nimra doesn’t write like that anymore as she is a well-known female author and novelist written some super hit stories like Namal, Halim, and Mushaf.

As a fan of Nimra Ahmed, this novel is very disappointing for me. I know it’s easy to pass comments, but it’s very painful to criticize, honestly. Well, this is Nimra’s initial work, so maybe she could not handle such a plot. By the way, he has beautifully described Ryan’s passion for cricket and his love for cricket. It has done justice to the rules and regulations of cricket and other details of cricket. Best of all, this novel can be great for those who love cricket.

The main story revolves around Amal and Ryan. It’s heartbreaking. The book describes how far a person can go to seek revenge and how big mistakes they can make because not everyone can handle the heartbeat properly.

The errors, as far as I have found are mentioned below. Please, these are my personal thoughts and I don’t want others to agree with me.

Almas alias Amal was just a lower-middle-class girl. She was a housemaid, and Rania helped her, sheltered her, although such women do not exist in our society, and what did she do in return? She dreamed about Rania’s rich and beautiful son and then cursed her.

I don’t like arrogance, but I find it disgusting that a lower-class girl is dreaming about her master’s son. It is true that he takes the initiative to befriend her, but Diamond should have known her limits.

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