Namal Novel Complete by Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel Complete by Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel Complete by Nimra Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Nimal novel Complete authored by Nimra Ahmed. Nimrah Ahmed’s new novel Namal is a complex story of suspense surprise murder and revenge. The novel was first published in the monthly Khwateen Digest as a serial novel and later in book form by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers, Lahore. The plot of the story is based on a complex cultural, social, and political environment. This is the story of the light connected with “blood” and “heart” and the sins associated with both. In Namal you will see different types of characters coming together, and they all represent some stage of our lives. They all have both good and bad. The good characters of Namal are not so good, and the bad ones are not completely bad. You have to embrace the virtues of these good characters, and a lesson must be learned from their evils. We have to catharsis with their sorrows and chart our own path through their successes.

From Saadi’s intellect to Hunain’s demonic ability. From the subtle humor of Faris to the stubbornness of Zimmer. From Grandpa’s subtle satire to Nudrat’s never-ending complaints. From Hashim’s deception to Jawahir Begum’s clever nature, from Aabdar’s precise dexterity to Noshirwan’s little ego, Namal is a net of carefully woven threads that slowly unfolds before the reader. With the right amount of humor and a suspenseful story that you will remember for a long time, Namal really touched my heart. Its Lessons, references, and, most importantly, the description of Quranic verses won me over.

Namal is a serious story revolving around brutal murder and fraud. The protagonist of the story, Faris Ghazi, an intelligence officer, has been convicted of murdering his step-brother and wife and attempting to kill his relative, “Zimmer Yusuf”. Saadi Yusuf, Faris’s nephew, is convinced of his innocence and eventually gets him out of prison. On the other hand, Saadi’s paternal aunty “Zimmer” is also a district attorney. Zimmer lost his kidneys in an attack and believes the perpetrator is “Faris.” The reason for Zimmer’s belief is a fake phone call that came to Zimmer before the attack in the voice of Faris.

The real culprit is Faris’s cousin Hashim Kardar, who, in addition to being an expert lawyer, also owns an inherited oil company. Hashim killed Faris’s brother “Waris” to cover up his corruption cases, and to cover up his actions, he staged a drama in which Zimmer was shot and Faris’s wife was killed.

The main themes of this novel are conspiracies and misunderstandings. Clever lawyer Hashim and his devilish nature mother Jawaharat Begum, actually manipulate in such a way that even smart people like Zimmer get misunderstood.

All the characters in the novel are very talented in their roles. Bad-minded Hunain, sweet and caring Saadi, cruel but honest Faris Ghazi, sharp but stubborn Zimmer, clever Hashim, or jealous Noshirawan, each character is carefully and deeply carved, and each character Has been equally highlighted.

Nimrah Ahmed has emerged as a very famous novelist in recent years and has written some brilliant and excellent novels. Her novels and short story books have been published by various publishers. Some of them became very famous, such as Halim, Pahari Ka Qaidi, Jannat Ke Pattay, Mehronisa, Sans Sakin Thee, Bailey Rajputana Ki Malika, Mushaf, Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal, and Namal.

As Umera Ahmad established the tendency to integrate religion into stories in the modern history of popular Urdu fiction. I don’t know anything about Nimra Ahmed, but if she is influenced by Umera, she will definitely leave her guardian behind in the near future. The way she seamlessly incorporates Islamic teachings into her stories, I love her writing every time. Nimra Ahmed’s stories have a spiritual aspect, divine love, and, above all, how people repent of their sins. Gentleness brings it all into everyday life and general settings. I urge everyone to read it. Such great stories are seldom written. The novel consists of about 1400 pages.

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