Sartor Faqir Jang e Malakand 1897 Ka Azeem Mard e Mujahid by Amjad Ali Utman Khel

Sartor Faqir by Amjad Ali Utman Khel

Sartor Faqir Jang e Malakand 1897 Ka Azeem Mard e Mujahid by Amjad Ali Utman Khel Pdf Free Download

Sator Faqir book authored by Amjad Ali Utman Khel. This book is a complete history of the great warrior and brave Ghazi of Malakand region, who is famous as a “Sartor Faqir” in the books of history. The British historian were called him with the name of “Mad Mullah” in their historical documents.

It is the story of a great Mujahid who was fought the Battle of Malakand in 1897 against the British Empire. The Pashton tribes of Swat, Dir, Bajaur and Malakand were took part in this great battle. In this battle, Pashtun tribes demolished the British army even Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill remembers Malakand war in his memories as “Mlalakand Storm”.

There is a lot of historians who have written many books regarding the history of Malakand and swat, but in the present book, the writer has tried to bring the history of this region in a new way. The book describes all important historical events which were took placed in Malakand, Dir, Swat, Buner, Bajaur and Chitral. It is also included the rare pictures associated to the history of this region.

Mr. Amjad Ali Utman Khel is a young talented historian, researcher and educator belong to a small village of “Haryan Kot” district Malakand Tehsil Dargai. He is presently working as a SST in education department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is less to appreciate his work as regards the history of Malakand Agency.

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