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Tipu Sultan Novel By Khan Asif

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Tipu Sultan Novel Authored By Khan Asif. This novel narrates the story of Sultan Tipu Shaheed, the ruler of Mysore state, in a very interesting and comprehensive manner. The novel not only tells us the story of this brave soldier but also his complete history and autobiography in Urdu.

South Asia has always been the focus of external powers. The British have always kept a keen eye on the resources with which Allah Almighty has enriched this region, and the attraction of this wealth has not allowed them to be separated from this region to date. The British kissed the shoes of the Mughal emperor Jahangir and obtained a maritime trade order for the foreign merchants. Then, the merchants of East India Company started usury business and created traitors in the ranks of Muslims.

Then, the eye of the heavens saw the instructive scene that the last Mughal crown prince, Bahadur Shah Zafar, could not find a place to bury in his own country. The Muslims of the subcontinent were carrying the corpse of 800 years of power on their shoulders, but there was no shelter for them. Even today, we look down on them. The greatest misfortune of the Muslims was that they could not understand their intentions. No matter how many wars the British fought, they fought not with courage, skill, and political tact but with their natural cunning and cunning. The only skill they knew was how much the traitors could be bought.

They did not show the essence of courage and bravery at any point in history, but by examining the natural weaknesses of man, with their tested psychological weapons, struck hard at the hearts and minds of Muslims and eroded their faith. Achieved favorable results by pitting Muslims against Muslims. This terrible game is still going on today. Despite being over a billion, we are living in caves of humiliation. A nation divided into sects is cutting each other’s necks because of racial prejudice. The blood of the believers is flowing on the streets like water. That is, we are the killer, and we are the victim. There is a horrible calamity that is imposed on our heads.

Even today, the British have the same political chessboard, the same pieces, and the same tricks. Only the names and faces have changed. What to complain about the idolaters and what to complain to the enemies of Islam that they are on their mission. But what would you say to the hypocrites who are in the ranks of the Muslims and are harming Islam in a strange way? I don’t know how many Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar are still hiding in the sleeves and biting the nation of Islam. Even more ironic is that the ideologies of the believers are being attacked. Disgusting minds are questioning whether the “Islamic way of life” is feasible or not. The forefathers are being targeted.
The deeds of Mujahideen of Islam Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Muhammad bin Qasim, and Tipu Sultan are being interpreted as hatred and extremism. The Islamic curriculum is being called rotten. Enlightened Muslims do not like the “two-nation theory and ideology. ” Doubts are being expressed about the freedom struggle. Fingers are being pointed at the unparalleled sacrifices of the elders. The word “Jihad” has always been feared by the enemies of Islam.
Today, this word is considered a category of extremism. I do not understand why it is attributed to Islam and Muslims when interpreting extremism, while the people of the earth know that the people of Islam are the most persecuted at this time. We are also the biggest losers in the circulating situation. The poison of simplicity and infidelity is so ingrained in our bodies that we do not even know ourselves.
Anyway, this sad story is very long. Let’s talk about the novel “Tipu Sultan” under review. Khan Asif Sahib first wrote this novel in 1992 for Akhbar e Jahan. The novel became very popular at that time. Later, Pakistan Television also telecast a drama serial on this novel. There is no doubt that Tipu was a hero and a man of character. The author borrowed Loan by writing on Tipu Sultan, and most of all, he gave a revolutionary color to historical novel writing by freeing it from rusty and rotten chains because history is another name for revolution.
Sultan Tipu was a figure of determination. He was not only a brave ruler but also an unparalleled leader. He was the best administrator. The people were happy with its administrative reforms. He was such a compassionate man that non-Muslims enjoyed all religious, social, and political rights during his rule. Their lives, property, and dignity were protected. There was an era of equality. He was the great son of a great father. He lived like a lion. But it was the misfortune of the man of truth that his own people stabbed him in the back. He was left alone on the battlefield. It is the punishment of his blood that, to this day, the nation has agreed to shameful slavery. And even today, the generation of these traitors is busy hollowing out the roots of the Kingdom of God.
Sultan Tipu was an iron man who preferred martyrdom to bowing to oppressive powers. Tipu himself had his own historical words: Those who abandoned jihad became the food of the enemy. The love of life made them cowardly and useless, and then the page was erased from existence. The spirit of jihad and complete unity in its ranks is the greatest political force of the believers. ”

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