Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pdf Free Download

Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein is an extraordinary travelogue by Mustansar Hussain Tarar that navigates the reader through the heart and soul of Moscow, painting a riveting portrayal of the city that transcends time. Tarar, a renowned author, takes us on a journey that spans over five decades, from his initial visit as a young student in the 1960s to his return as a celebrated literary figure.

The book unfolds as a captivating blend of past and present, meticulously etching out the contrasting perceptions of Moscow seen through the eyes of a naive teenager and a seasoned, reflective adult. Tarar masterfully interweaves his narrative with Moscow’s broader social, cultural, and historical tapestry. The comprehensive details about the living conditions of Pakistanis in Moscow, their lifestyle, and interactions with Urdu teachers provide a fascinating glimpse into the diaspora’s experiences in a foreign land.

By studying the lives and works of literary giants like Tolstoy, Tarar explores Moscow’s cultural heritage as well as its bustling urban life. It provides a captivating, close-up view of Tolstoy’s birthplace, home, and grave, enriching the narrative with historical and cultural details.

Beyond its role as a travelogue, “Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein” emerges as a study of contrast and evolution. It showcases the evolution of Moscow over the years and Tarar’s writing style, which has grown more poetic and complex. Drawing parallels with his acclaimed work ‘Nepal Nagri,’ this book embodies his writing career’s reflective and introspective phase.

A rich tapestry of travel, history, culture, and personal growth, “Moscow Ki Sufaid Raatein” is more than just a journey through a city. It is a time capsule capturing a city’s transformation over half a century and a literary journey chronicling the maturing of a writer’s craft. It’s a story of life’s journey, framed against the backdrop of one of the world’s most fascinating cities.”

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