Virtual Currencies Ki Shari Haisiyat by Muhammad Owais Paracha

Virtual Currencies Ki Shari Haisiyat by Muhammad Owais Paracha Pdf Free Download

Virtual Currencies Ki Shari Haisiyat by Muhammad Owais Paracha PDF Free Download

Virtual Currencies Ki Shari Haisiyat authored by Muhammad Owais Paracha. The Shariah status of Virtual currencies in Urdu language. The book includes descriptions of virtual currencies as well as other abbreviations related to them and their objections and Shapes.

This fascinating book divided into seven chapters covers those basic discussions that are necessary to know about Bitcoin and similar currencies. It discussed many subjects that are not only related to Bitcoin but it includes such topics that can help with many religious issues. This book provides answers to many titanic questions arising in the mind of a reader during study.

The book explains and answers the following questions related to virtual currencies:

 What is a virtual currency and How does it work?

 Where does it exist and in what shape?

What’s the difference between this and the other currencies?

How much does it cost?

How are currency prices determined?

What is Zar (Money or medium of exchange)?

When does something convert to Zar (money)?

What standards have been used to make things converted to Zar or money in the history of human and Islamic history?

How is it permissible to give something to a state of Zar (money)?

What is the difference between the general commandments and the administrative order in Islamic jurisprudence?

What are the administrative rules?

What order can be placed on virtual currencies?

Apart from this, the answers to many questions are included in this book. It combines the tasks on this subject and an unprecedented initiative on this subject in the Urdu language.

The book “Virtual Currencies Ki Shari Haisiyat is now available here in Pakistan’s virtual library in a high-quality PDF document for the study of readers. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and Android devices.

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