Malika e Swat by Khan Roshan Khan

Malika e Swat by Khan Roshan Khan Pdf Free Download

Malika e Swat by Khan Roshan Khan Pdf Free Download

Malika e Swat (Queen of Swat) authored by Khan Roshan Khan. Malika-e-Swat is another most important book of Khan Roshan Khan on the history of the Pashtun tribes.

This book contain historical story about the life and martyrdom of Shaheeda Bibi, the queen of Swat. Shaheeda Bibi was the sister of Malik Ahmed Yousafzai. She was called the Queen of Swat when she was married with the king of Swat Sultan Awais.  It is includes the story of the marriage of Mughal king Babar with the daughter of Malik Shahmansoor Yusufzai.

Malika e Swat book also describes the events and the times when the Yousafzais tribe was entered in the Swat valley. Their life and the battles which was fought between the king of Swat Sultan Awais and the Yusufzai tribe.

Malika-e-Swat book is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading.

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Khan Roshan Khan is a most famous Pashtun historian. He wrote more than five books on the history of the Pathan tribes. His all books are available on Pakistan virtual library. These books are listed below and can be easily read and download in Pdf format.

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