Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai Novel by Umera Ahmed

Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai Novel by Umera Ahmed

Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai Novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai Novel by Umera Ahmed. Teri Yaad Khar Gulab Hai is one of the best novels written by Umairah Ahmed. A beautifully written prose that reflects the gentle and delicate relationship between two people that everyone else considers thorns, but they do not realize that it is actually a blooming flower.

The main character of the story, Sania, thinks that she has learned everything about Komel Haider. His harsh and wrong decision about it leads to serious consequences and forces two people to lose each other in love. Therefore, it is important that until you have complete facts, No decision should be made.
The story sheds light on how making any decision without thinking can lead to serious consequences and conscience. This is a great story that shows how a little misinterpretation can ruin a lot of people’s lives!

There is a lesson for women in this novel that if someone helps you in your difficult time and always supports you as a sister, then don’t pay attention to what people say. Otherwise, in the end, all that is left for you is regret and tears.
The novel was first published in Shuaa Digest in 1999 and later in Umaira Ahmed’s collection of short stories “Main Ne Khwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai”.

Umaira Ahmed is one of the most widely read and well-known Urdu fiction novelists and screenplay writers of Pakistan. She completed her Master in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She later became an English language lecturer for A and A level at Army Public College, Sialkot. However, she quit her job after few years to focus on writing.

She started her writing career in 1998 at a very young age. Her early stories were published in the monthly Urdu Digests and later in the form of books. She has written several books, including full novels and short stories. However, it was his novel “Peer e Kamil” that became his identity. Her novels and stories are even projected on TV dramas and they also carve a great spot in the heart of viewers. Below is a list of her novels and stories currently available on the Pakistan virtual library.

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Urdu novel “Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high-quality Pdf documents for the study of our users. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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